I am Avijit Manna I am a dedicated and harworking professional photographer presently located in Kolkata, India. As a photographer and video engineer by profession , he learnt the art of photography with many years of dedicated hard work while working with many industrial and non industrial clients.

He loves to tell tales through photographs by putting them around the fringe of reality in which the visuals are realistic but difficult to believe. The majority of his images are photo taking interpretations of current occasions while some derive from leftover recollections of his dreams that they document regularly by drawing sketches .

He is a renowned wedding photographer servicing clients all over India. Worked in many marriage, party, celebrations brining and capturing smiles of the people for ages to come is my love and passion. I love to work in difficult conditions and strenous shifts without any complain or any worry. The life has been amazing as my clients love my work and above all they prefer me as a human and friend.